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recipe drops

Aug 15, 2009
How come monsters dont drop craft recipes? Or even given as quest (other than craft levleing quests)? Arent crafting part of the game like pets? monsters drop pets and pet food why doesnt monsters drop recipes as well as reagents?

Jul 04, 2009
good grief, NO! It's already bad enough fighting a boss only to win snacks and reagents. Now you want to add more stuff that will increase the amount of farming necessary to get the good equipment.

Aug 15, 2009
Well there is more to the game than just equipment drops. Or for that matter just fighting. There are tons of people on the spires that fighting is more of a necessary evil to get to the next place and when they grand up they fight only to help a friend.

And I had noticed a bug and complained about it on the message boards that even Malistare has had dropped nothing. I mean nothing.

I mean come on seriously a boss drop should include a major drop like a pet or equipment. Personally I think a major boss should drop should include something major as well as the minor items. And besides a recipe drop to a master artisan should be as good as getting a pet or equipment so why cant there be a flag in the program that allows for that.

But lately thats asking for too much because I remember complaining about crate of chickenheads and ruined paintings, now it would be something better than nothing. After all, who doesnt fight a boss but for the drops and to complete a quest. That concept was planted into players brains with the help window popping up at the pirate boss fight in unicorn way saying that boss drops can change and it would be worth fighting again to see what else the boss has.

Now that bosses can drop nothing... ugh the fight is lost on me win or lose.