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Realm Jumping Gathering ruins crafting

Apr 11, 2009
I am sorry, but having to farm one small area and realm jumping is just ruining crafting. I am already an expert, but come on KI just throw more spawn points for regents out there, and I would argue to make realm changes on longer timers 5 mins or something to keep from just hoping around.

There has to be better solutions, stuff like blood moss and black pearls need to have more abundance in the world. I would even rather see mobs have a chance to drop them at higher rates then just see people constantly jump realms.

Here's some solutions:
Mob drops regents more often, in all areas of game
chest have a chance at regents in the areas
More spawn points, faster respawn of points
Limit realm jumps

And please don't say oh but you can convert black lotuses to black pearls, I know and I did it, I am not arguing if that is good or not, I am just trying to fix a very absurd and broken system with actual positive ideas.

Feb 18, 2009
I agree that crafting is one of the harder things in the game the higher up you get. The Black Lotus and Diamonds are horrible to collect.

However, I would caution against a longer timer on realm jumping. Realm jumping is not used only to collect reagents. There are times I am given a quest to defeat so many of a particular monster. I go to the area on the map where it shows them to be, however, it's also shared with another monster. And I have to defeat 10 of Monster A, but there is only 1 of Monster A, and the rest are Monster B. Realm jumping would enable me to find a realm that has more of Monster A then Monster B. I hope that makes sense.

May 27, 2009
I agree that lengthening the time between realm changes is not the answer. Ever since crafting came on Test we've been asking for more reagent spawns. Shosun Village is a vast empty area except for a couple of mistwood and a few cattails - throw some Black Lotus in there and in the Yoshitaki Temple area. A few Red Mandrakes scattered in say Golem Court or Ravenwood, or even in Grizzleheim, would be much appreciated. It seems like everyone wants to craft Mannequins and Carousels, which require many, many rare reagents. I believe the rest are fairly easy to find, even scrap iron once you know what it looks like.