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Reagent hunting in Krok - Try the Vault of Ice

Mar 03, 2009
Like many others, I am having a hard time finding all the reagents I need to complete my crafting quests. Most of the time, I am competing against other wizards trying to gather the same stuff.

When running through Krok, I decided to try the Vault of Ice to see what I could find. I ended up finding a good amount of things, AND, since it's an instance, I had the place to myself. So far, I ended up finding parchment, ore (along with a couple diamonds), and stone blocks (with a couple fossils). Once I went through the whole place, I came back out and went in again.

You don't have to talk to the guy at the entrance, or get in any fights if you don't want to. If you stay out of fights in there, it only takes a few minutes to go through it, and you usually end up with a few reagents for your time.

I am betting that other instance levels would also be good places to look, since you won't have to worry about other people grabbing up the goods before you can get to them. Just something to try.


Jan 07, 2009
I wouldn't do this unless you are ready to help someone that can't do it on thier own AND will have someone from wizard city to boot! Yes this has happened to me 5 times so far. I'm not going to vault of ice anymore till they make it so the wizard city folks can't port to another world.