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reagent crafting station??

Apr 29, 2009
I am wanting to craft some healing treasure card but it says I need a "reagent crafting station" . Anyone with an idea where this is or where to get one?? The basic table you get from the quest will not work and I am only trying to make the lower level healing card sprite And yes I am a life wizard and have bought the recipe for this spell, just need the right table.

Jun 12, 2009
i collected the station from npc in olde town, wizard city. she has a crafting quest for rings. it was either a gift, or something i crafted.

May 31, 2009
I found a variety of crafting stations ( Card, Items, etc.) at the furniture store in Mooshu. I'm not sure if I saw a Reagent station though. It may be worth a look.

Good luck!

May 09, 2009
There are move advance crafting stations available from the shopkeeper on the Krokosphinx. I don't remember if there is one specifically for reagents, but they are more advanced than the basic station. There is a cost though.

May 06, 2009
I guess my question would be...have you actually done the quests to gain the crafting skill? You can't just buy a table, the recipe and reagents and expect it to work.

So far as I am aware, there are four tables: a basic crafting table (used for the initial quests), furniture, equipment, and treasure cards. It doesn't make sense to have a reagent crafting table, as reagents are simply found, not made (with the exception of course of treasure cards themselves)

Have you done the quests offered in Olde Town?

Dec 31, 2008
A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I bought the reagent crafting station in Krok, but it allows me to do cards???

Apr 29, 2009
thank you all for your help I have found this station as well as others in Mooshu from the housing items npc It was actually called a "card crafting station" once again thank you all for your help.