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raintree uniform

Nov 29, 2009
does anyone know wear the rescipe for the raintree uniform is thx, it well be most helpful

mycin owlfist, storm lvl 43

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I believe that is from the Storm school vendor in Moo Shu. Both the second and third crafting recipies needed for the DS crafting quests are found in MS (The second is from the main vendor).

May 27, 2009
Community Leader
Thanks to information at a fan site I was able to find this for you.
Shark Treasure Cards 6
Jade 14
Crystal Vial 3
Leather Straps 12
Frost Flower 15
Black Pearls 8
Stone Blocks 20

TC cards can be found at bazaar or the librarys
Jade easy reagent vender same for vial
Pearls mooshu farm from lotus or you can buy the transmute from a vender
Straps bazaar or farmed battles there is also a tramsute for these in WC
Frost Flowers GH for farming ,transmute there too
stone block krok or by library in DS, Farm only
Hope this help