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Questions about Crafting Treasure Cards

Sep 02, 2009
I have searched and I can't find any answers to my questions. Other people have raised some of the same questions, but didn't get an answer.

1. If you have multiple characters on your account, why can you not give your other characters cards you have crafted? For example, why can't I give my ice wizard a sprite card that my life wizard crafted? If I am going through all the effort to find the reagents and make the cards, I think I should be able to give them to my other characters on my own account. Am I missing something?

2. At what point is it possible to craft cards outside of your own school? For example, I have mastered all the spells in the fire school with my level 45 life wizard, so I think I have earned the right to craft fire cards. Why is this not allowed? Again, am I missing something?

I think it is ridiculous that a high level wizard is stuck crafting spell cards from his/her primary school only. Why would I want to make life cards when I have all those spells already? Of course, the same thing goes for the fire ones I mentioned above, but those would be a little more helpful in terms of trading because all my friends are also life wizards, so they don't need life cards either.

Please let me know if there are any plans in motion to resolve any of these issues that myself and others have been complaining about.

Since we can't get any experience past level 50, give us something to do--let us craft cards in all the schools, not just the primary school we trained in.

Thank you in advance for your response:-)