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Quest and Gears Placement

May 25, 2010
I feel, the placement of the crafting quest and crafted gears are incorrect.

Why can't we have a break from crafting quest and just craft the next world's gears?
why is there a crafting quest in each and every world?
We spend weeks of hard work to complete the world's crafting quest and BOOM... another one.
not only that, but we get to use the world's crafted gears right at the end of the world.
we get to use khrysalis crafted gear in part 2, even though the quest is in part 1. I am lvl 99 in part 1, but hey, I can't craft it, because astral shards are only available in part 2.

Either we get gaps between worlds, for crafting quests


make the crafted gears available right at the beginning of the world.

I don't see a problem with that. New world, stronger monsters, why not better gears?

-Valdus StormBreeze

Sep 17, 2012
There's not a crafting quest on every world first of all. You need to be in part 2 of Khrysalis for the recipes anyways. That aside Shards are extremely common and can be bought in the Bazaar. Khrysalis gear coming towards the end of the world is no different than every other world. The level and quest requirements in every world have always been towards the top level range of the world.