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Pure Aethyr needs to be more accessible

Jan 24, 2010

So I finally finished Empyrea part 2 a few minutes ago and it was good. I liked it. But the Storm Titan's trident was way too hard. Even if you are just trying to do it once, you are doomed without a wizard that can keep using bad juju on the trident. Even then, teammates will constantly quit in the middle of the battle, leaving you helpless. And even if you do manage to eventually beat the trident, you will have spent about 5 hours doing so (like me). So I really can't imagine farming the trident.

Unfortunately, the only way to get pure aethyr is from the trident.

Initially, when I heard that if you didn't want to farm the final boss to get the best gear in Empyrea part 2, I was so happy. It gave you an alternative to farming a really hard boss. I quickly became disappointed upon hearing that the only way to get one of the reagents for the gear was from the final boss, so you would basically have to farm the trident anyway.

Can't there be some other way to get pure aethyr? Perhaps a transmute recipe? A whirlyybirly reward? Some other boss? I just want to get some, because I don't think I can if I have to fight the trident again. I was lucky to get a death on my team.

Apr 14, 2014
I've farmed Vigilant Sargun in Astral Grove in Husk for them.

Jul 26, 2013
I was just going to ask where to get that reagent but reading that you had to get it through the trident. I'm not sure it's worth it. I had to do it twice do to a glitch in the game. I didn't get anything but a pet snack that was worth four points, and a treasure card. The second was as bad as the first nothing but junk.
I also feel if were going to get pet snacks in the trident as a reward for doing that dungeon at least it should be a mega snack. Mirror lake in Zafaria gives mega pet snacks and that dungeon isn't as hard at all compared to the trident.