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problem with crafting

Aug 18, 2010
i am a lvl 27 storm and since i have had the access to marleybone i took the crafting quest there.but the thing is i need iron scrap but i looked EVERYWHERE and saw none so i went to the bazzar but there was none there either! i cant find any! :( :( :( :( :( :(

May 27, 2010
just keep looking, scrap iron isn't a common reagent like mist wood or cat tails some places i have known to have scrap iron are places with golems and usually near the clock-towers

May 27, 2009
There are many, many threads here about finding scrap iron. If you do a search, they'll give you lots of info. If you just started Marleybone, you'll have access to Regents Square and Hyde Park. The trick is to change realms often as you run around looking. Scrap Iron is very tricky until you get used to what it looks like, it blends into the surroundings and hides behind boxes or water towers. Keep trying -- it's there.