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Please Help SOMEONE

Jul 14, 2015
So i have been thinking of crafting but i was just too lazy. I finally put my mind to it and start. i got the wizard city crafting badge then i went to krokotopia. Once i got there the guy who gives the apprentice crafter badge wul'yam has a grey exclamation mark and it looks as if a accepted it but i did not. i crafted the recipe for the things i needed but he didnt accept it. this happened on all my three wizards. PLEASE EXPLAIN AND HELP.

Aug 03, 2016
Maybe there is a quest that needs to be completed before you get the prompt where he can give you a badge?

Jun 04, 2014
The items you crafted need to be in your backpack when you go to Wul'yam to turn in the crafting quest. So make sure you check that first.

Dec 15, 2010
The explanation of why this occurs is very simple, but heartbreaking. If you sell the item you crafted before you turn the quest in, you will not be able to turn in the quest, thus resulting in you having to craft the item you sold again. Befoe selling the crafted item, turn in the quest immediately, then sell the useless item you have crafted for a small profit you can put towards crafting or other such things you would like to invest your gold into.

A little tip I like to give to new crafters is to never sell any of your reagents, no matter what the reason. Collecting reagents and saving them is one of the most important part of crafting in my opinion, and commonly, I see people sell these important materials off for a simple profit when these reagents are used to craft important items such as gear, pet snacks, and yes, even mounts. (The flying school whirlwind mounts you can craft at Mount Olympus is an example of crafted mounts, though more exist, for example, the mount recipes available in the B.O.X.E.S event.)

I hope I have cleared up all or any of the misconceptions you had on this issue. If you have any more questions or I did not make this post clear enough, please, by all means, ask me to elaborate or continue explaining, as I am always willing to help explain something in-depth to newer players.

Oct 21, 2013
You'll have more luck finding a solution if you post this in the Halston's Laboratory section of this place.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Wul'yam asks you to craft two rings (Ring of Insight), and then two athames (Poniard of Gallantry). Make sure you've crafted two. If you've turned in the two rings, check to make sure you're ready to craft two athames as the second part of the crafting quest. Wul'yam will sell you the recipe you need. Craft the two athames, then turn them in.

Also, it is sad but true that some people accidentally sell their craft projects before turning them in. Once you crafted the right items at the right crafting station (the one you earned in Wizard City), your quest log will direct you to speak to Wul'yam again. And, if you don't have them in your backpack, he won't accept your efforts. If it turns out that you sold them before getting credit for the quest, you'll have to craft two more.

The last possibility is that you've completed his projects and he's sent you ahead to the next crafter in Marleybone. You'll know you've completed all his tasks if you've earned the Apprentice Crafter badge and your quest log is directing you to Felicia Worthington in Marleybone.

So, look in your quest log to see who you need to talk to next. If it's Felicia, you've finished the Krok part of crafting and you're ready to move on. If it's still Wul'yam, then you'll need to talk to him again and find out exactly which part you still need to do. He'll tell you.

Good luck,

Alia Misthaven