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Please add some more Agave leaves to this game

May 31, 2010

I am not usually a person who gets upset with a game, but Agave nectar has tested my patience. If Kings Isle is not going to make Agave Nectar easier to harvest could you at least add some more Agave plants and in easier places to get at. I have a ton of Comet tails but still can't finish the Azteca crafting quest.

Making Potent Traps a little easier would also be much appreciated. Maybe it could be a harvest from a plant?

If anyone who knows of a plant that gives Agave Nectar and/or Potent traps please share.

Thanks everyone and have a great day,
Miranda Fairytamer, Balance Wizard

Sep 17, 2012
Agave is pretty easy to harvest lots of by realm hopping. Go to Alto Alto, there's 4-5 spawn spots you can cycle past in about 45 secs, then head to the waterfall by the Balance birds in Mangrove Marsh and there's 4 more spawn spots in that little area. Cycle through realms hopping between those two areas and you'll load up pretty quickly with hundreds of leaves and a few nectar.