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Placing Craft Table?

Mar 08, 2009
I have been playing a newer wizard today and discovered this whole crafting thing, and my level 12 wizard has to do some of it. I have the crafting table and it appears I have some of the ingredients (I realize I have to buy the recipe), but I am not sure how to get the table from my backpack into my dorm. Can someone help me with that basic task? This wasn't around when my big wizard was in the first world.


Ah welcome to decorating, young Wizard.
You may find this section of the Players Guide helpful.

Once you are in your Dorm or Castle you will see an icon that allows you to open and close the Decorating Menu. Click this button and a menu will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Select an item from your Decorating menu by clicking on it. It will appear at your feet and you can move your mouse around to place the item. The item will appear RED if it cannot be placed where you have it located.

Once you have decided on the location for your item, you can choose to pick it up, rotate it or move it. Just click on the item again and the following options will appear:

Rotate Clockwise
Pick Up Item
Move Item
Rotate Counter Clockwise
When you're done decorating, just click the Decorating Menu Icon again.