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Pigsie TC

Nov 18, 2017

I'm sure it's extremely obnoxious to see this request all over the forums, but currently I'm struggling to receive the pigsie spell from loremaster let alone treasure cards, and I'm wondering if anybody has pigsie tc they would like to trade/give me for other tc or in exchange for hoard or lore packs.

Currently I only have one out of the ten needed for crafting despite having all the other reagents for crafting the spell, to my knowledge I have a couple other tc from loremaster but not a whole lot. Anyways, any help/kindness is appreciated, and please reply if we can work an arrangement out!

Sloan Silver - 61
Flint Flame - 125
Scot Cloud - 125
Hannah Haven - 125
Isaac EmeraldFlame - 125
Lail Willow - 125