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PB&J Sandwiches

Mar 31, 2009
So I have an obscene amount of these, and I mean Obscene. What should I do with them?

I wish there was a way to combine them into like a "Triple Decker PB&J" or something? Or You could Add a King Banana and make a Elvis Sandwich or something.

What are your thoughts? Does anyone know if there are crafting recipes like that or think that we should add them?

May 12, 2012
Here is its wiki page. Be sure to click the expand button if you are on a lap top. I was looking for a few minutes haha.

Anyway, the recipe you can craft is Pet Jewel of Balance and that creates one random balance jewel. You could make a bunch to try to get the one you wanted.

Recipe is:
5 PBJs
5 Brass
10 Citrine
Jewel Crafting Station (I basically count this as you need a crafting station)
1000 gold (to get the recipe)

Hope you enjoy

Mar 31, 2009
Thanks Mythali!

The only problem is the Brass.... I don't have any! And I need it to craft the new Monstrodome!

Thanks again!