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Dec 26, 2009
Hey guys,

Hey guys, whats up. I am currently working on crafting a house. Its allot of work, believe me, mainly because it has you going back for reagents 24.7.
And with that, you need certain reagents, and I'm talkin' Ore.
You can find Ore in allot of places, its not rare, its a little expensive, not that I dont have the money, but I need to fast.
I'm lazy and I dont really have the time to go around searching the worlds of the Spiral for it. And I'm pretty sure you cannot craft it since its like a primary color, you make other reagents from that reagent as you do with the primary colors.
So now, my question: Does anyone know if there is a way to get Ore fast and easily?
I know some are gonna say just buy it, and I have been but I'm talking like loads of Ore, like almost 200 pieces.

Hope you guys can help me.
Appriciate it,