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Now that I have reached Legendary Artisan...

Aug 06, 2010
...I sure wish the recipes were better for the armor, rings, etc.
I think we have posted this till they are tired of hearing about it though.
I will wear my badge for Legendary as I am proud for finally completing it, but I will wear the drop armor that is so much better in every way.
Sad but true.

Sean Firerunner

Sep 11, 2010
I agree. The gear isn't exactly great, either, considering that it's vastly outpowered by even level 60 gear! Heck, my hybrid gear from Celestia beats out the hybrid gear from Zafaria (I'd gain a TINY bit of critical and block and health, but lose my accuracy and base damage). :x

This, combined with the Shark Tooth reagent that no one has any idea of how to get, and the fact that most of the amulets/rings/athames are rubbish as well... It's a bad update for crafters, that's for sure. All it's done is to rid the market of sunstone, aether and golden pearls.

Feb 28, 2011
Idk if it's just because I havent found the right vendors in CL or zafaria for gear recipes, but I fought long and hard to get my grandmaster artisan badge for my myth long before I was even out of DS (I hit legend lvl kinda early) mainly because a vendor in wintertusk had these awesome wands, not ones with good crits but the healing wand was what I mainly was after. Then I saw someone with this awesome robe that had a Triquetra design on the robes cape, I really love that symbol and found out that it was a crafted item from a raven in GH I think. So I found the vendor, got the recipe, found other recipes for a robe with good crits on my base myth school and secondary storm school combined so I crafted that robe and stitched it to the one with the symbol I wanted. I think the stats on my crafted robe are better than the stats on my life wizards waterworks robe, so I gave up trying for my waterworks gear after I got the hood. Now I have 4 or 5 wands in my backpack with different crit/block stats, but tend to use my healing wand more along with 1 treant card in my deck, being myth I really like the ability to be able to heal others even tho I always have my life legend with me for almost every battle. Both my myth and life are lvl 63 and just getting to CL so I will check around for recipes for better gear, but right now I do fairly decent crits with the gear my girls have (life girl wears all her waterworks gear, it took so long to get the myth to acquire the reagents for the grandmaster artisan that I just dont feel like attempting it for the life girl yet)

May 10, 2010
KI rushed the release of Zafaria and made themselves look horrible in the process.

They have proven with the gear, that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

There is nobody that oversees and checks to make sure things are in order and getting better. They through things together and make a mess!

I and most people don't expect everything on our gear, we understand that to get some, we have to give some, but to anyone with half a brain, we can do the math and compare the gear and easily figure out what gear is the best to use.

Now, my suggestion KI, is that you use the people, since most of you should have degrees, and actually take the time and do the math!

It is not rocket science to figure out what gear is better and what gear is worse. You are making all the gear worse and yet, making it more valuable?

You are making a joke out of crafting and I dont like it. We spend a lot of time to get to legendary artisan and then you make a mockery of it with the new rings, athames, amulets, and gear.

Mar 07, 2011
I agree the new gear is worthless, i went to every vendor i saw and nothing compares to my legendary gear. I'm a Storm and i dont really care about upgrade in power or critical it's the accuracy i worry about. I had a heck of a time not dying when i first started to play this game, because i would fizzle five or more times every time i fight. The gear from Zafaria is a joke. I would loose power and most important my accuracy and gain a little bit of critical it's not worth it. I have 92% accuracy right now and if i used the gear from zafaria i would go down past 85%. I just stuck with my legendary gear throughout the whole thing. I think they should take a second look on what they put out.

Neela MoonHeart Trancended Diviner

Feb 25, 2009
I have to agree.

I have not started running in Zafaria in Live game, but did run in Test. I chose to wait until after the Holidays are through before venturing there to give time for the realms to slow down and hoping that there will be some fixes done first.

What I saw in Test really threw me. I expected to see UPGRADED gear, not downgraded.

It would be nice if some of these issues were fixed soon.

Sep 01, 2009
I reached Legendary Artisan two days ago, and promptly purchased recipes for the level 66 ice robe and ice hat. I love them. My health is amazing, I have very strong storm and fire resist, and coupled with boots that resist death and myth, I'm extremely happy. I can bump up my power pips if needed, and increase my heal boost by switching rings and athames, and still have over 4100 health. Thank you, KI, for making Legendary Artisan something special. Now, about those henchmen prices...;)

Erin Ice Weaver, Legendary Artisan and Abby, Epic Forest Crawler