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Not exactly sure where this should go...

Sep 19, 2012
I have a question about the teleporter I just crafted, so I put the question here if this thread should be moved just let me know :)

SO I was extreamly excited when my husband suprised me with the Majestic card pack, mostly because I'm in love with the houses and he new I would love the large palace. I claimed the palace on my Ice wizard because she is the next one I want to play on and I have almost finished my questing on my Balance, plus my Balance wizard already has three houses and I wanted to spread them out a bit. So I'm excited to do a few pvp rounds for the first time with some friends I know I won't be to mean but I'm not allowed to port to them on my balance wizard into my ice wizards house :( So I'm like okay I've seen the teleporters in celestia and I asked around and people said you could use it to port to your other castles so I'm like YES! Answer to my issue so I go through the effort of crafting a teleporter, send it to my ice wizard and have her set the location. But then when I put it in the shared bank the location resets :(

So is there no way for the location to stay set in the bank?
No way for my lvl 78 wizard to vist my lvl 12 wizards house?

Mar 29, 2011
A teleporter allows you to teleport from one house / area to another for a single wizard. I use mine to port from my dorm to my garden.

To let one of my wizards visit a house for another of my wizards, I typically teleport to a friend. Your post said that you weren't able to do that, which seems strange. You might check if their privacy settings allow teleporting?

Good luck!

May 22, 2009
I never have trouble porting to one of my wizard's houses using a friend as a 'portal stone'. We often do this so all my wizards can use the lamp, or gorilla in a few of my houses.

You may want to check the privacy settins on the wizard that has that house. You may have it set to only allow friends to port to your house. Since wizards on the same account cannot be 'friends', this could be the problem.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 80 Life

May 25, 2009
It's only for a single wizard. So like if you want to go to one wizard's house from a different wizard, you can't do that