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No Black Pearl = No Crafting = No Fun

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
rainbowdaughter wrote:
we can not find black pearls. Why are the black pearls hard to find? We need lots of them and they are super hard to get can you make that easier please. From Victoris

These are the rare form of Black Lotus. If you 'search' pearls on this board you will find several threads discussing this issue.

May 17, 2009
its is so hard find reagents like red mandrake and even harder for the black pearls. i have spent the past week trying find black lotus to get black pearls for one quest, now i am trying to find red mandrake for blood moss and it is even harder! and a waste of time! i also have all the transmute cards, and its a little help but i still have lots of problems getting what i need. can you please do something about this, so it will be funner and quicker!? PLEASE!!!!

Sep 01, 2009
I have the transmutate lotus card, I have enough lotus flowers, I have a card crafting table. Now, how do I USE the transmutate card to transform lotus into pearl? Please help, because for some reason, I cannot figure this out, humiliating as it is

Aug 28, 2009
Zardo1 wrote:
Please up the instance of plants that drop black pearls. Spending hours and hours camping for a crazy rare craft item that you need tons of is no fun at all. This game is very well balanced in other areas. Please give crafting some love.



this is very true! even when i bought the transmute black pearl i had no luck! i didnt even make one pearl! cuz we need 15 black lotus to create it and black lotus is hard enough to find for me. all i am begging for it more black lotus. i cant seem to find it in the bazaar so i have to go and give up for the rest of the day

Jan 02, 2009
trick0629 wrote:
The best place to find black pearls is in ancient burial grounds in moo shu. go to the last two houses at the end, and there will be black lotus by either the wagon or the rock on either side. You may have to realm hop for a while, but in a four hour period, checking and realm hopping and checking and realm hopping, ect. I received over 80 lotus flowers and roughly 20 pearls. As for blood moss, i am still having problems. But the crafting man in moo shu commons sells the recipe for black pearls and black lotus flowers. And the diamond recipe can be found from the crafting lady in marleybone.
cheyenne stormsong, grand master

Nice! This is also how I managed to find 20 Black Lotuses. I was going to post this on this thread, but I saw your post... and it's easy to get Black Pearls once you use this strategy! I am seeing them a lot more in the Auction, too... Plus, you can always Transmutate.

Feb 26, 2010
Here is the answer i came up with for the Black Pearl.

Go to MooShu and see the adept crafter there (forget his name) . I bought two treasure card recipes from him. One is Transmute Black Lotus and the other is Transmute Black Pearl.

You can make a lotus from 10 cat tails and 10 ore, then you can make a black pearl from 15 black lotus.

You will also need a card crafting table that you can get from the furniture shop in MooShu. Both of these recipes have a 5 second cool down time so go to the Bazaar and buy up all the cat tail and ore you can find plus what you have already collected and this should cut this crafting quest down significantly.

Hope this helps some of you out.

Apr 26, 2010
Broooklyn wrote:
Hey look Marsha...yet another thread where people are saying that "they are just going to have to quit the game if they do not get their way. You know what? Then quit, seriously. This seems to be the route that some subscribers believe will make the developers instantly jump out of their seats and get what everyone wants done at the drop of a dime. Well people... It's not; you big babies.

I have no qualms with people who wish to express certain frustrations, and ask if something can be done, but this route of "I am just going to have to leave the game, if I see no changes" bit, is beyond grammar school behavior and is popping up more and more frequently on these boards. I noticed many then tend to add afterward that they "love this game, soooo much....BUT........". Oh come on already. Stop with the drama.

Like I said, post the issues that you are not satisfied with, but stop with this constant routine of threatening to quit. Things take time, and sometimes certain things are just not going to change; so you can either work with that and make the best of it....or put your money where your mouth is and simply quit like many in these threads "claim" that they will.

You know where the unsubscibe button is...so press it.

"But, but, but, Broooooooooooooklyn....You have to understand...I love this game..........BUT" Yeah yeah, there is always a BUT.

Seems like Brooklyn needs a time out. Instead of pushing people to quit why not try to encourage them to stay and post more threads about giving crafting some love.

Try not to be such a rotten problem child next time Brooklyn.

Apr 22, 2010
I just wanted to pass along an idea that has really been working for me...I keep re-entering the Tree of Life dungeon in Mooshu. Every time I go in just the first area, I harvest at least one black lotus and have received three black pearls in only a few days. When I am done, I hit exit, then I re-enter the game, which puts me in front of the Tree of Life entrance so I can go in again. One other great way to get black pearls and black lotus is to visit Toshio in Mooshu, get his transmute recipes, then buy yourself a card crafting station and make it all yourself.
Anything is easier than sitting around at the bazaar right? Happy wizarding everyone :)