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Nightshades/deep mushrooms

Jul 12, 2009
can someone please help me out, i need A LOT of nightshades,
there arent many at the bazaar,
i know deep mushrooms drop them, so can someone give me a good route or place to find deep mushrooms?

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Daniel Battlefist

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Jan 05, 2009
There are a good number of them in MS...and you can collect other goodies as well (sell if you don't need).

May 27, 2009
Deep Mushrooms can be found on every world in the Spiral:

Wizard City - check in the caves, shopping area and Olde town

Krokotopia - almost all areas contain deep mushroom, I find most in the Tomb of Storms

Marleybone - Newgate Prison, the center areas with all the ghosts/ghouls

Mooshu - all paths, check the temple at the ends of the roads

Dragonspyre - Necropolis is best, but I've seen them everywhere

Grizzleheim - in the caves of Mirkholm keep, but I've seen them along paths everywhere else

Happy Hunting!

Jan 11, 2010
I have found most of my mushrooms that also have nightshade, in ms, in ancient burial grounds and cave of solitude. Pick a stretch of road between two boss huts and just keep changing realms and going back and forth. If you want to buy them at the bazaar, go real late at night, when you are not in competition with so many other crafters wanting to buy them too :-) and keep refreshing page over and over.
Happy Hunting !

May 22, 2009
You can also buy the transmute recipe to turn the mushrooms into Nightshade. I am not sure which crafter has that recipe. I think maybe the one in Olde Town

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