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New Type of Crafting: Engineering

Sep 03, 2008
Hello everyone. I just wanted to share my idea of a new type of crafting: Engineering. I think it would be pretty cool to be able to craft mechanial items such as a Motorcycle mount or a spaceship. Or perphaps craft something else? Tell me guess what you think and what new mechanical idea you have =)

Jul 06, 2010
Actually we just got something similar to that with the craftable teleporters (grandmaster crafter) now available from the recipie guy in Celestia Base Camp. There are eight different colors, and each takes different treasure cards. The orange, red, and yellow are the easiest to make since those treasure cards are all dropped by Firey Boom Shrooms, and those plants are easy, so you can plant a lot at one time.
Although a Motorcycle mount like Haggard's from Harry Potter would be cool, it may be quite a way still off. And spaceships? I can't see that, maybey a hover board.