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New things to craft

Apr 30, 2012
Ok, so i noticed crafting is pretty boring. But if you could craft things like pet eggs or items in your house that would be a lot funner! I mean you could craft special pets that you could only get by crafting. Please add ideas for more stuff to craft!
Anna Ghostrider level 28 8)

Feb 24, 2009
Feb 29, 2012
I would love to be able to craft more things. Some gear that had a single gain, such as block, damage, etc.
That way you could craft a ring that would give you nothing but say, 150 block.
Or an athame that gives you a 30% damage boost, but no life/mana, resist, etc.

Having more a la carte crafted gear would allow anyone to pick and choose what they actually use, or to take different routes to the same place.

As it is now, we only really have a couple things for each class that we can craft, and certain items are vastly better than anything else around. For example, the WT crafted items are far better than almost anything out there, especially for the level required. I did not even bother to craft anything from ZF. The WT gear was all around better than anything in CL or ZF, and only WW gear was better. I speak for Death, which is the only experience I have.

Crafting was exciting for me when I was doing crafting quests, but after you get the next level, the items you can craft are a letdown.

And no matter what you craft, it seems there is always that single limiting reagent (fossils, aether) that all items require.

I think crafting items should be much harder, with better rewards. And we should be allowed to mismatch our gear more. That would stop the" ___ gear is so OP" whenever new crafted gear comes out. We would not have such a limited number of items we could craft.

Jul 28, 2010
The thing with mixing and matching is it works when you have a lot of open slots. As of right now our wizards can have a total of 6 equipment slots.( I did not include pet) So that will leave some gaps. I also doubt certain items would give you such a large increase, such as resistance or damage.

I saw someone mention something about having gloves, and a second ring slot, which I thought was cool, though the stuff we have now would just make our wizards more op.

Ice would probably just use the second ring slot by putting in another ellisa chill band( sorry for spelling) then their gloves would probably give them even more resistance. This is just an example...

Anyway that's just my thought.