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New Idea For Crafting

Aug 17, 2009
Even though we al know how hard it is to find one thing. Like scrap metal, but have tons of cat-tail, mist wood.

A good fix maybe is make a vendor (Trade Dealer) of some kind

10 cat tail = 1 scrap metal.
8 mistwood = 1 scrap metal

Course it could be higher in some cases Mooshu you can find tons of cat tail.

Of course just using scrap metal and for only items found. not the ones you buy.

And I am not sure this idea has been asked.

Aug 17, 2009
I wanted to add more to my first post.

Again I was only using the scrap metal as an example cause it is so hard to get when there are a ton of people on. I don't mean stuff you can buy off of random people through the worlds.

it should depend on how rare one item is to another.
If someone wanted to trade one scrap metail for 20 cat tails

Course I don't know every item in the game and only going by what I have learned so far. and to be fair there are some items you get tons of.

Maybe have a vendor in each world. All he does is trade X amount for one thing for X amount for another thing.

It would solve the problem insted of adding more things that Rez (and a race of 100 players trying to get it)
Less loading, less lag, less items in a "zone" would solve a lot of things at once.
Plus might stop the 100 complaints about crafting and over all make it fun.

We all know not everything has to be easy. but making some stuff crazy crazy impossble hard. turns people away as most post say.
Times to craft one object is enough. let alone spending anywhere from 1 to 5 hrs just getting supplys. are turning players away from wanting to do crafting.

Plus factor is I can go to this world and collect 50 cat tails faster than I can go to this world and try and find 1 or two of this thing.
People will start and put things insted of passing them by going I got enough of that.

Hope this helps some. and for all you other players.
Come on agree or disagree post and let everyone know how you feel!
Things can't change if they don't know you like or dislike something!

Regards and always have fun playing!