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need some help plz am confused

Jun 06, 2013
hello im a little bit confused i was worknig on my posabilty dirk quest and got all the things i needed but when i went to go turn it in i couldnt talk to the guy and confused if there some kinda glitch or what i crafted two of them im not sure if i need to re craft them or what hope to hear back soon would like some advice from sistersky

Apr 17, 2009
If it is not in your inventory it will not count, so if you sold it to the bazaar you must buy it back, if anything else happened then you must recraft it.

Jun 06, 2013
hello and thank you for the reply i apprecite it alot im confused im not sure what im doing wrong i seee one in my back pack but it has a bottle next to it plus i have the item in my crafting station as well and can seee everthing im just not sure whats going on with it i crafted them and then it said to talk to the person and it wont let me from what i can see i didnt sell the item but im trying to re craft it in case cause it wont let me do anything else and when i crafted it the first time i had trouble geeting everthing right way cause i would need 15 stone blocks and would look in the barzar for it and alot of times it would already be sold out im just hopeing by re crafing it will work cause the first two i crafted i didnt get credit for me it took them though im hopeing to get this resolved so i can go futher into my other crafting things

Sep 17, 2012
When you craft something, it automatically goes to your backpack, unless your backpack is full. If full it goes to your bank, check there. To fill a crafting quest both items must be in your backpack. Also the little bottle next to the item just indicates that it's a crafted item.