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need HELP, what's next ?

Aug 01, 2009

hi ... i've been doing the crafting quests, and i'm now in Mooshu.

I've talked to that short guy already, and i got my next task.

I've FINALLY collected all the regents i need to make those 5 rings also.

The problem i'm having though, is that when i go to my Dorm Room and tried to craft the rings ... it won't let me !

And yes, i also bought the required recipe for that ring ... what i don't understand is why i can't craft those 5 rings on my basic crafting table.

Do i need a different type of crafting table ? ... or is there some place else that i need to go, in order to craft those 5 rings ?

And if i DO need to go elsewhere to craft those 5 rings ... where am i suppose to go ... and what do i need to do next ?

Feb 12, 2009
You need the equipment crafting table I believe. It will tell you in the crafting screen what table you need to craft the rings when you click on the receipe. Look in the bottom left hand corner of the crafting window.