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Need a transmute for turquoise

Feb 16, 2010
Ok, I’ve been questing in Azteca for a bit now, just about through Alto Alto, and so far I’ve received only one turquoise as a drop…just one in all those battles (solo). Perhaps the drop rates are better farther through, but if I hadn’t been able to grab a few in the Bazaar, I would never be able to craft anything at this drop rate. Thus, I’m thinking we could seriously use a transmute spell for turquoise.

My idea for a transmute is that it shouldn’t be near impossible, like the one for Amber, after all, we need this for gear, not to craft things sold in the packs and Crownshop. But it should require a significant amount of reagents (some of them challenging) since this is for transcendent level crafting. So my suggestion is as follows (using reagents with a blue color similar to the turquoise):

1 Turquoise = 20 - Agave Leaves
20 - Aquamarine
20 - Diamond
15 - Fish Fin
15 - Frost Flower
15 - Perfect Sapphire

As an interesting variation on what has been done before, I also thought about substituting one of those items for one seed (instead of a treasure card like in most crafting)…possibly a Blue Huckleberry. The color is a bit dark for turquoise, but it is listed as blue, and they do require a bit of farming and luck to get them, yet still drop better than turquoise does.

KI, please consider giving us a reasonable transmute for turquoise.

Feb 24, 2009
I was thinking make it like fish fins and scales.

Turquoise: 5 Agave Nectar
Agave Nectar: 5 Turquoise (Obviously, we know which one is the better price, but still...)

Feb 16, 2010
I like your idea too Ronster, I just figured if I made it too easy the idea would get thrown right out the window. Personally, I'd like to see something like 1 Turquoise from:
10 Agave Leaves
10 Aquamarine
10 Perfect Sapphire

That gets one reagent easily buyable, 1 reagent harvestable from Azeteca ( or available in the bazaar if you are lucky), and 1 reagent relatively easily harvested, gardened or bought in the bazaar.