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mote of transport

Oct 01, 2016
what is a mote of transport ? it in the ingredients of the recipe death whirlwind mount....thank you very much !

Nov 16, 2017
Looks like maybe a play on words? You choice in "mode" of transport would be train or plane. After that the only thing I ever heard of that shows up in a "mote" is dust. Not to be confused with the ring of water around your castle. Moat? I'll stop. Sorry

Aug 03, 2014
kosmichealer587 on Aug 1, 2018 wrote:
what is a mote of transport ? it in the ingredients of the recipe death whirlwind mount....thank you very much !
It's a reagent we can get from drops.

They can be obtained from daily assignments and the bosses who drop them are:

  • Ixcax Cursedwing - Three Points, Eternal Sanctum (Stone Key Required)
  • Krokopatra (rank 8 and 14) - Krokopatra Master or Exalted Challenge
  • Meowiarty (rank 12 and 14) - Meowiarty Archmage or Exalted Challenge
  • Omen Stribog - River Of Frozen tears, Omen's Hideout (Gold Key required)
  • Ra - The Oasis, Ra's reading Room (Wooden Key Required)
  • Rattlebones (rank 7 and 14) - Rattlebones Master or Exalted Challenge
  • Zeus Sky Father (Zeus Exalted Challenge)

All the places either need a key to the room or are in a one shot duel. I hope this helps

Mar 18, 2011
As Victoria said, they can be dropped from bosses. I got one from Rattlebones(Rank 7) which you can fight him using the Rattlebones master duel which you can get from the regular rattlebones.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
You can also get the Mote of Transport from the 'chest' days when doing Daily Assignments. If you do the Daily Assignments faithfully, one or two Motes of Transport can be expected to drop per year.

Or ... yeah. Do one of the high level skeleton key bosses, or one of the master, archmage or exalted dropped duels.

If you are low level, master level Rattlebones or Krokopatra dropped duels, or Ra in Krokotopia, are definitely the best route. All three are challenging, major-cheat battles. Take friends.


Alia Misthaven