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MB crafting quest

Nov 02, 2011
I have a lvl 26 balance wizard, and I'm trying to complete the quest to get my Initiate Crafter badge. I crafted the Stinger of the Scorpion, and the Constellation Jewel, two of both like the quest told me to do. After I was done crafting it told me to go talk to her, but she still says the same thing she told me at the beginning.

I know a couple people have been having trouble with it, they say that you have to have all of the crafted items in your backpack, and they shouldn't be equipped. Which mine are and I'm not wearing any of them. Anyone know how to fix this? I want to start the Mooshu crafting quests soon.

Oct 29, 2012
I would try putting them into your bank and then taking them out.

-William Legendary Artiest