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Master Artisan List?

Jul 18, 2009
Is there a list anywhere that shows what benefit there is in becoming a Master Artisan in crafting?


Jun 05, 2009
I just made Mster Artisan the other day :D. I don't know of any list that you mentioned but it would be nice to see how many others have accomplished what I have. I would bet that it is a short list!!!

Michael Legend Dust

Mar 15, 2009
elizabeth201 wrote:
I just made Mster Artisan the other day :D. I don't know of any list that you mentioned but it would be nice to see how many others have accomplished what I have. I would bet that it is a short list!!!

Michael Legend Dust

Where is the reciepe for raintree uniform.pls tell me thank you.

Dec 01, 2008
Apr 25, 2009
recipees for master artisan are in mooshu. first one you will need is from your school's vender. second is from furniture craft vender.

Apr 08, 2009
i've been a master crafter for a short time thanks to all the new changes, currently i am trying to craft the carousel but since i have to purchase the earthquake gold cards from the bazaar which i have only found listed there and got them. I still need six more cards plus several other items.

this is where i wish i could just craft the items needed to make what i want to make, i think it would help everyone out in the long. either that or perhaps we could have stores of our own, like clothing, furniture, and so on just so we could trade the items we made for items we need to make them with, keeping in mind that we should be allowed to set up to a certain limit on each ingredient that is needed to make them.

but so far i have gotten most of the items to finish it, and on top of that, i still need 35 black pearls, but between crafting them and finding them it should not be much longer before that one part is finished too.

Jul 16, 2009
How do we get the earthquake treasure card to create the carousel if it is not available in the bizaar? If we make it, then it is not exact to the recipe configurations. So how can we get something that is near impossible to obtain? At least the other items are possible even if they take forever to get or make.

Jun 30, 2009
Actually, the Recipe for Master Artisans are in DragonSpyre.

You know when you are in the Basillaca, and you take the Portal leading to the Antheum? Before you go up the hill to where the Library, and the stores are. Take a right and there is a man and a black collosus standing there. That's the Master Aristans Recipes..

May 28, 2009
I just became a master artisan not too long ago, and there are huge benefits :). The stuff you can make, especially in dragonspyre is awesome. You can make ponds, fountains, wyrm funiture, carousales (hope i spelled that right), tents, large pavilion platforms, ect. The best thing is the gear. Although it may seem weak in the othher worlds, but wait untill you get to dragonspyre! There are VERY powerful clothes there.
p.s. so far i have made almost all the wyrm furniture, a pavilion, a pond, a tooth jar, and i am thinking of trying for the carousale. :D :D :D

Feb 06, 2010
i think the best thing that comes out of being an artisan is that you can craft tons of treasure cards then again i aint a master yet crazy black pearls level 50 fire grandmaster

Jun 08, 2008
i'm a Master Artisan,
i'm working at getting all i need to make the carosal, all i need is 8 earthquake cards, 12 black pearls and 22 springs, anyone got some they don't need ? i have all the other stuff. :)

Nov 13, 2009
I have 6 wizards in the game and have Master Artisan on 5 of them now and am a couple of pearls from carousel on the 5th guy( i wear my badge with pride it's the only one worth wearing as hardest to get). have crafted tonnes of stuff for the sake of it and filled all the houses available with it it.
I now still buy everything i see in the shop and have over a 100 of most of the rare drop stuff below as well as diamonds, bloodmoss etc. a few hundred mandrake( never collect it, noobs sell it in abundance so you can transmute the moss).
Ancient Burial Ground is where i ran around and realm switched for Pearls and Lotus.

Knights Court for Scrap Iron. realm switching again.

Mirkholm Keep for the GrendelWeed/ Frostflower, the pool in the cave( green teleport.

if you can collect during a quiet time then that obviously better, i spent a lot of time doing it when North America was sleeping and it was early for Europe.
I also still collect every single thing i pass, you never know what the knew world will bring and what items we will need.
It's been a busy 7 months for me but a frustrating time also. i still love the crafting and hope Celestia brings some new twists.

Happy crafting guys and gals.

Mason Nightfist, Grandmaster Sorcerer / Master Artisan
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Jessica Starshield Initiate Pyromancer( reset Grandmaster/Master Artisan) on here way back to the top.

Feb 14, 2009
you can craft some high lvl housing items. you can tramsute some items. craft good cards.