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Master Artisan Benefits! Please Post!

Jul 11, 2009
I thought, "Wow! All these people are Great Crafters! What do they get?" They replied, "Not much. Just a few items." What? Come on! These guys worked and waited several hours to get these benefits! Here are a few things I think they may deserve:

1. Crafting Every School Cards- Right now, all Crafters can only craft their own school (Which stinks for me, I'm Life). Well, all of those people can't craft a carousel because they must be Myth. So, I thought,(Yes I talk to myself a lot.) "One of the things they should do is make them be able to do that. It will inspire more people to become good Crafters. Well, just consider this idea.

2. Crafting Hand-In/Crafting Hand-Out- In the possible New World, Celestia, there can be a new character named, Craftimus Maximus, who if you hand in a few reagents they will offer you an item. Or vice-versa. If you hand in an item, they will also hand you some reagents.

3. Transmutation- Anoter Thing Craftimus Maximus could do is (similar to Crafting Hand-In/Out) Is you say you have a rare thing you have to transmute in order to obtain. Like a Diamond. You could give him a diamond and get 15 Ore.

4 and More.- I will post whatever you will say, and who the idea was from. Please comment, agree or disagree, post your ideas, change my ideas, etc. Remember, if you look at this, plz post! It will make it more likely for KingsIsle to approve and make this update for what you Master Artisans deserve!