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Marleybone Scrap Iron Quest

Jul 10, 2009
Hi Everybody Who is looking at my question. I had a problem on the scrap iron quest in MB. I made all of the items that felicia worthington tolds us to do. Then one day in the bazaar before i was done making all my stuff i accidentaly sold one of my stinger of scorpians. I looked at my quest and it said that i still made it, so i figured i could sell all of my stinger of scorpians and constellation jewels. When my quest said i could go see felicia she still had a grey question mark over her head. I couldnt talk to her but my quest said i could. A few days i finally finished, but i just want to know what happened. Can anybody tell me why me quest said i could but i couldnt talk to her? :(

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
You made a very bad assumption: I can sell the objects. You can't, you need all items in your backpack in order to complete the quest. The reason the quest counter counts those made, and not just those in your backpacks is that you should store the items in your bank so you don't accidently sell them. Maybe if you are lucky, some one else made the same mistake...go to the bazaar and see if you can buy them back...or you will have to redo the crafting.

The quest clearly states that they want to see the items, and that can't happen if you sell them first. Besides Felicia is a rip-off artist and as soon as you give them to her she runs off to sell them herself :(

Jul 10, 2009
Aug 31, 2009
Ive been looking everywhere but cant seem to find any scrap metal. where is the best place to find them? HELP!!!