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Marleybone crafting glitch

Jul 05, 2009
I am up to marleybone on the crafting quest, i made both of the things she told me to make the quest says to go back and talk to her but every time i go back the question mark is still grey and she says i have to bring her the same things again what do i do

Young Wizard, Eudora TangleTree made a special visit to these message boards to tell you exactly what you need to know.

Please read her message at https://www.wizard101.com/forum/crafting-gardening/bring-the-crafted-items-back-with-you-8ad6a417405d07ff01405f9676d50855

Aug 14, 2012
i had that same glitch make sure you have what she wants in your inventory or else you will have to craft it again KevinSpellFlame 66

Oct 24, 2010
ruben6091 on May 23, 2014 wrote:
i had that same glitch make sure you have what she wants in your inventory or else you will have to craft it again KevinSpellFlame 66
It's not a glitch, it is a requirement... of each and very single crafting quest. Whatever you are told to craft must be in your backpack in ALL instances to get credit.

May 11, 2012
Double check your backpack to make sure both the items you made are in there. I bet you your second one is not showing up in your backpack after you craft it. I had NOTHING but trouble with this crafting quest. I would make the two required items, go to turn them in to her, but it was still always grayed out. I would look in my backpack, but only one of the crafted items I made was showing up, so I would go back and craft another one so I had two again, would go back to her, and it would STILL be grayed out and the second one I crafted was gone again! I must have ended up crafting these items 10 times! (and wasted a lot of reagents because of it) I was getting frustrated. It turned out, that for some reason, as long as I already had one crafted and showing in my back pack, when I crafted another one, it wouldn't show up. What I had to do was to take out the first one I had crafted and was in my backpack and put it in my bank. THEN, I would go and craft the second one. Once the second one I crafted was showing in my backpack, I would go to my bank and take out the first one I had crafted. Then, and only then, would both the crafted items show in my backpack. After I did this, I went back to turn in the crafted items, and sure enough, she accepted them. I have seen other people have the same problem with this crafting quest that I did, and they had to end up doing it this way too. It has to be a glitch in the system that they are unaware of that has been going on for awhile (I did this crafting quest well over a year ago). Give this a try and see if doing it this way will work for you. Best wishes and good luck.

Autumn FairyDreamer Level 79