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Sep 29, 2009
1. How do you pose and put clothes on the Mannequins?

2. I think, KI, you should lower the ingredient #'s because I cannot afford all of those Diamonds, Stone Blocks, and Black Lotus'.

3. You may answer or reply to these questions and comments. Please, feel free to post your opinion on this

~Mysterious Necromancer~

Aug 03, 2009
Hey Mysterious Necromancer,

For the mannequins they are "posed" already, but you can "dress" them. You can buy clothes at the bazaar or win them (whatever your preference is) and when you click on the mannequin it will show you how to "dress" it.

As for the number of ingredients...well, it's the joy of crafting. It's a patience thing. Gather stuff as you go around the worlds. Get the transmute recipes and that makes it easier for the number of diamonds you need. It's like that for any crafting recipe really. Transmute recipes are essential.

I hope this helps. :-)

Patience my fellow wizard, patience.

~Not so Mysterious Necromancer~