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Mannequin Question

Jul 02, 2017
Hello my fellow crafters! I've recently begun crafting female mannequins to show off some of the gear I've acquired. When crafting, it says that there is a limit of 14. Does that mean I can only have 14 mannequins total in my house? Or only 14 total in each room? Or can I do 14 female and 14 male?
I've searched a decent amount and couldn't find any updated information about this. Thanks in advance for your help
Scarlet DragonStalker lvl 99
Calamity ThunderBlood lvl 56
Suri SkullSlinger lvl 12

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
I'm not 100% positive, but I think the limit is 14 inside plus 14 outside of any one house. Then you could go to another house and craft 14 more for the inside and then 14 again for the outside. No single area of a home can get more than 14, but inside and outside count as separate areas.

If this is not the case, hopefully someone who knows better will chime in.

Alia Misthaven

Aug 03, 2014
Yes, it's 14 per area eg inside house or outside house. A friend of mine had so many I was unsure how he had done it. When I asked he said it was a mixture of male and female mannequins, so I believe you can 14 female and 14 male mannequins per area. When you put the outfit onto the mannequin I think they change to the gender appropriate style. Eg if your wizard is female and has a female outfit when you put it onto a male mannequin it will take the appearance of the male version of the outfit.

Good luck with your crafting