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Major :( crafting bug

Dec 02, 2008
On every single wizard of mine, I did the crafting quest in WC and KT and in KT, Wul'yahm will NOT talk to me again after making the items. In my questbook it still says "Talk to Wul'yahm", and when I go to him, there is a grey ? mark over hid head as usual meaning I haven't completed the quest although I did! I've heard if you sell the items you crafted you don't get the credit but I did NOT sell them. On my new Life wiz it does the same thing, except this time on the crafting lady in WC, :(. I reported it once to KI, it hasn't been fixed as I see yet though. I'm really jealous of others who can craft! Especially Master artisans, I wanna have fun with crafting too, lol, and the new GH Watchtower hall, gah! Must have it! But yes, it's a CRAFTED HOUSE, C'mon! I really want this problem fixed for my wizards!

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Did you make sure the items are in your backpack? Sometimes if we craft and the pack is full they get stored....and they won't be detected.

Dec 02, 2008
Well, it's happened to every single wizard of mine so far, and they are all in my crafting bag. What exactly do you mean by it being in the backpack though? I'm pretty sure this is just a bad bug, I sent an e-mail to KI.

Jul 04, 2009
Because when you craft something for your crafting quest you must take them back to the quest giver. That means that they crafted items must be in your possession, not in your bank, shared bank, or sold. You are in essence, handing them over for their inspection (and they keep it) so they must be in your backpack.

If they are no longer in your possession, or your banks, and you believe you may have accidentally sold them, don't despair. If you truly did craft them, then run to the bazaar and buy them back and take them to the quest giver.