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Loremaster Treasure Cards

Dec 12, 2012
by the way, if you even able to, just saying my name is talon thunderspear and i will have malistaire hat, storm elegant boots, and a weird looking darkmoor robe on (not the malistaire) I am level 101

Dec 12, 2012
Star Edward on Jan 28, 2017 wrote:
Well, since you can make so much more, then I'm interested :D

she's only giving them out to people who need them to craft spells or gear, if you just want them then she won't give them to you. You gotta give her a specific amount, place to meet, time to meet at, and realm.

Jul 12, 2016
I am a Balance Wizard but I can not find or figure out how to add this card to my deck it's like it is impossible to aquire one .Is their a special battle to fight to get this spell? Is their a certian world to purchase one ? Could really use the input on this .thanks Caitlin StrongWalker.

Jun 04, 2014
Hello All,

Sorry to have missed the last few requests for cards. I don't normally monitor this board - just the main one. I guess I need to start looking at this board more frequently. I still have loremaster cards to give out. But I really only want to give them to people who need them for crafting the spell or gear.

If you still need cards, post here. However, I will be available on the following dates and times:

Realm: Seraph

Location: Merle Ambrose's house - in the commons, I am generally standing outside of the gate entrance to his house

Attire: I will be wearing a red, green and gold christmasy type of outfit

Pet will be a Polar Fox named Mister Murphy

Name: Destiny Daisysteed. I will have the LOREMASTER label under my name.

Times: I am in Pacific Time Zone, so times are based off that. I will generally hang around for 15 minutes or so, so if you are later than that, I won't be there.

Sunday 7/9/2017, at 9 PM
Monday 7/10 at 10 AM, then again at 9 PM
Wednesday 7/12 at 10 AM, then again at 9 PM
Thursday 7/13 at 10 AM, then again at 9 PM
Friday 7/14 at 10 AM, then again at 9 PM

If you need to meet at a different time, post it here. I am not generally going to be online from 11 AM - 7 PM though except on the weekend, because I am a working wizard, so plan accordingly.

Sep 10, 2012
I Always Wonder When Can You Craft A Spell And By That I Mean A REAL Spell?And Where Can I Find It?Do I Do A Quest To Get Them??? I AM SO CONFUSED!!!Anyway I Just Want To Know When OR Where Is
It Available??


This May Be REALLY Off Topic But Can I Get A Socket Wrench??
If Anyone Answer This I Would Really Be Happy!!!

Jun 04, 2014
You can craft a number of spells. The spell recipes can be bought for gold from Mooshu and Avalon. When you craft these spells they are permanently in your deck and will stay there even if you do a training point buyback because you do not need training points for these spells. Once you get the spell recipe, you have to obtain the spell ingredients to CRAFT the spell.

So two steps - buy the spell recipe, then craft the spell

In Avalon, the person to see is: Grady, he is in Avalon - The Wyrd - Dun Scaith. He has these spell recipes:
Athena Battle Sight
Deer Knight
Handsome Fomori
Lord of Night
Queen Calypso
Savage Paw
Winter Moon

In Mooshu, the person to see is Master Yan Kan Kook. He is located at Shirataki Temple - River Temple. He has these spell recipes:
Brimstone Revenant
Goat Monk
Keeper of the Flame
Luminous Weaver
Ninja Pigs

You need to be a Legendary Artisan level of crafter to make these spells - which means that you need to complete the Zafaria crafting quest.