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Loremaster TC's

May 27, 2017
I am a balance looking into some high level pvp. What I realize is that loremaster is necessary for a balance wizards success. I have already collected all the reagents need except for the lore master TC. I have tried farming for the required reagents but to no avail. Could anyone help me get these loremaster TC's? It would be much appreciated.

ArturSoulSinger lvl.88

Oct 22, 2011
You can buy the TC recipe in the dungeon just in front of the entrance to Dun Dara (where the trees that knights were hanging from that you saved).

Both the regular Loremaster and TC version recipes should be there.

Jun 04, 2014

I have been giving out LoreMaster Cards for free to players for awhile now. I have plenty of reagents and usually craft a dozen at a time to keep on hand to give out to players who need them. I provide them with the understanding that the user is trying to craft the spell - since seven of the LoreMaster cards are needed in order to craft the spell.

I can be available to hand these out to you. Here is a list of times and places I will be available at. Just drop by and look for me.

Realm: Seraph
Location: Merle Ambrose's house - in the commons, I am generally standing outside of the gate entrance to his house
Attire: I will be wearing a red, green and gold christmasy type of outfit
Pet will be a Polar Fox named Mister Murphy
Name: Destiny Daisysteed. I will have the LOREMASTER label under my name.
Times: I am in Pacific Time Zone, so times are based off that. I will generally hang around for 15 minutes or so, so if you are later than that, I won't be there.
Days: Friday 7/7, at 9 PM
Saturday 7/8, at 10 AM, and then also at 2 PM, and then also at 7 PM
Sunday 7/9, at 9 AM, then also at 9 PM

If you cannot meet at any of these times, let me know by posting here and give a time and date we can meet. Be prepared to have a friend slot open because I will need to momentarily friend you to give you the cards. I will remove you afterwards so you can free up the friend slot.

May 27, 2017
thanks so much! I think i can make the 7/8 at 9 your time. My name is Artur SoulSinger and I will have the legendary artisan title see you there!

May 27, 2017