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Loremaster TCs

May 12, 2012
As a 110 Balance trying to PvP, I realized that when it comes to pvping, Loremaster is required for balance. I have just about all the Amber, and i have access to all of the other reagents, but the part that is really difficult to get is the Loremaster TCs. I have tried farming the loremaster for these, but to no avail. I think that it would be better if I were to just farm for the reagents to craft the TCs, rather than farming the loremaster. The only problem is that i keep on having to go back to Halfang Bristlecrown whenever I'm low on gold, which happens all the time whilst crafting this. Please help, if you could help me with getting these tcs, I would be very grateful. I must say, that I don't have text chat on my wizard, and communicating is impossible without an alt.

Mark RedBlade Lvl110

Jun 04, 2014
I have some I can give away to you for free. I will be outside Merle Ambrose's house in the Wizard City Commons tonight (Friday, March 31) at 8 PM Pacific Time, and tomorrow (Saturday April 1st) at 10 AM Pacific Time. If you get a chance today post how many you need so I can make sure I have them ready.

I will be in the Seraph realm. I will be the one with the Christmas looking outfit. The character name is Destiny Daisysteed, and the pet will be a Polar Fox called Mister Murphy.