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Location(s) of crafting reagents needed

May 20, 2009
Again it has been awhile since I've visited all the worlds in the spire so I am in need of an assist. Need to know the following locations or where to purchase the following reagents ingredients
1) Cattails
2) Nightshade
3)Blood Moss
These items are needed by me in order to craft the Crimson Bookcases
Any help as will be greatly appreciated

May 15, 2009
cat tails can be found in any area with lots of standing water. try places like the floating lands in celestia or triton avenue. areas like that usually have lots of cat tails

nightshade is an easy one too. it is the rare harvest from deep mushrooms. the deep mushrooms can be found pretty much anywhere that is dark like caves or in places like Azteca. that place has mushrooms springing up practically everywhere.

bloodmoss is another rare harvest. it is found by harvesting red mandrake. I started finding a ton of these in Azteca and it make it very easy to gather a ton of them.

of course the easiest way (possibly depending on if you get lucky) is to buy it straight from the bazaar. usually people drop in a few bloodmoss here and there and I know there is a surplus of cattails if I remember right. nightshade is another rare one though since it's not a common drop like bloodmoss.

another way to get these would be to gfet the transmute cards for bloodmoss and nightshade and simply transmute all the mushrooms and red mandrake that you need for the bloodmoss and nightshade.