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kinda disgusted over khrysalis crafting

Jun 06, 2013
It is absolutely rediculous that we cannot craft the high level tc's we need to craft the items we want. I am so tired of farming, tired of waiting in the bazaar. Also tired of the people on my friends list that i never ever hear from except to beg me now for any high level tc's I have. Farming with pets that used to heal but now don't is no fun. Things are just happening in the game now that really makes it stressful at higher levels. Please make it easier for us to get these silly cards and please fix our pets back to the way they were so we can farm for the tc's with less stress.
Sorry about ranting but I really liked Part 2 up until the hive where people can't port in to help and pets don't heal and you don't get the tc drops. I am just really frustrated. Please help your wizards who support the game by making it a more pleasurable experience.