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KI-are you going to increase reagent drops?

Jan 11, 2010
It seems to me that with with more and more players joining the game everyday, that KI should increase the reagent drops to keep in line with the number of new players who are farming for reagents.
Many get flustrated and quit crafting due to extreme lack of reagents available.
I am at the end of my craft quests in ds now, and have found it very hard to gather reagents needed. I am on the hunt for the rare black pearl now.
I do have some good farming spots for other reagents, but have to get up with the chickens in the early am to farm them so I can have a chance at them. ( Kind of takes the fun out of crafting).
Also, another player had a good idea to sell seeds to grow our own flower and plant reagents at our homes. You can plant seeds and grow things on farmville, so KI should have no problem incorporating into wizard 101.
I would also be happy to buy with gold or crowns, rare reagents like black pearl, ect. Farm some, and buy some, ect.
KI should look into this, and even check to see how many players that start crafting, actually finish them all. ( The numbers are most likely low) due to flustration with farming for reagents.

Thank You,
Kimberly SpiritBreeze-GrandMaster Balance