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Khrysalis Crafter

Dec 03, 2011
Hey everyone. I heard rumors of a crafter located in Khrysalis.
Has anyone found him/her? If so can you please tell me the location. Ty

Aug 23, 2009
I'm pretty sure there isn't one for a couple of reasons, one not mentioned in updated notes; two, I just finished eclipse tower and haven't seen it so far, granted not end of part one but crafting quests tend to be given near the beginning of a world. Hopefully we will get crafting quest on part two.

Dec 08, 2012
Although this really isn't a reply to your question, I also would LOVE to see a crafter in Khrysalis. Every single world (except Wysteria) has a crafter of some sort rather it's housing, equipment, or Reagents/Treasure Cards. I absolutely LOVE new crafting challenges. I would love for the recipes from the vendor to include hard-to-get reagents such as Amber, Amber Dust, Merle's Whisker, Vine, Braided Vine, and so on so it'll be more of a challenge. I hope that there IS a crafter in Khrysalis.