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Just a few crafting ideas

Aug 29, 2008
Ok, it's about time that KI shows a little love to the crafters in the game.

Some people are PvP addicts and they have all the fancy PvP gear that can only be gotten with arena tickets, not to mention so many of the games basic systems have been changed because of the many cries of 'unfair' when someone develops an arena tactic that the other schools don't like. Some people are pet junkies and farm bosses for the pet drops for hours on end, they now have crown gear to allow them better training of thier pets. and can buy energy replenish with crowns.

I would like to see 'crafters gear' of a sort. Perhaps a suit of items that could be worn when gathering reagents that would allow higher amounts to be gathered and increased chance for rare drops. How about a 'shovel' for the wand slot that gives increase as well? Maybe a potion could be added to the crown shop allowing for the same type of increase while harvesting reagents.

Another thing I think would be a great addition would be something to the effect of 'de-constructing' an item to get back reagents. This would allow lots of crafters to replenish thier stocks and not have to spend the time selling items at the bazaar to make the gold that a lot of us end up turning around and trying to buy reagents in the same trip. I've seen this used in other games under many different crafting systems, more commonly referd to as recycling.

I also feel that it is unfair for reagents and snacks to take up slots in the shared bank. They don't take up slots in our backpacks, why should they in the bank? I prefer to dump mine into my bank then take them as needed depending which wizard I am playing, this gives me a better sense of what my current stock of an item is rather than jumping around to 5 other wizards to find what I need. If they must take up slots, at least bump up the allowed number of items in the shared bank to something like 200 or 250. While I'm on the subject of shared bank, I also feel that treasure cards should be allowed in the shared bank since they are so important to crafting.

Just my 2 cents... Now how about some love for the crafters :-P

P.S. I still want to know where is the Sandstone that (by the placement on the harvested page) should be spawning? Funny isn't it how there seems to be an absence of spawning reagents in the Science Center.

REALLY? NOT ONE VIEW IN 24 HOURS? I give up. This is why crafters hove no voice.