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Oct 31, 2010
I need help in the 3rd badge of crafting in marlebone i did the quests but i have to do is go to her but there is still a but in gray. also i tried it crafting the items a lot but i could no do it.

Aug 26, 2011
do you have four items? she wants two rings and two athames.

Gabriel Ashcaller level 78 overlord

Feb 24, 2009
The items have to be in your inventory, and personally crafted. One of the following may have happened:

1. You bought the items from the bazaar
2. You crafted/bought the items on another wizard.
3. You crafted them, however the rings/athames are not in your inventory when you go to talk to her. This means one of the following happened: (not limited to)
3i. You sold the rings/athames to a vendor/the bazaar or fed the items to your pet
3ii. You put them in your bank or shared bank
3iii. The athames/rings are on another wizard
3iv. A case of multiple of these possibilities
4. A mixture of the above possibilities

Hope this helped!