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Is the purpose or intent of crafting to

Aug 21, 2009
get people to quit the game and stop playing with and hanging around with their game friends? If it isn't then crafting quests need to be seriously redone. When I don't have time to hang out with my grand friends and they don't have time to hang out with me cause everyone is trying to get a countless amount of stupid lotus flowers, we don't have time to race pets, play pvp, or adventure together for fun anymore.

If you can explain to me the main intent of crafting and making the crafting quests so impossibly hard, I'd sure like to hear the explanation, cause all the quests seem to be doing so far is losing my wizard101 friends cause they become sick of them or don't have time for anything else.

May 27, 2009
Crafting's main intent is to make things that are otherwise unavailable in-game (for the most part). The crafting quests are NOT required for any purpose other than to get to the next crafting level, and once you are Master Artisan, the only benefit is being able to craft Master level recipes. Crafting is something a wizard can do when they are burnt out on everything else, or as they are running to talk to this guy and give the thing to that other guy.

If your friends are choosing to ignore you and your "fun" stuff, that is their choice. I personally think crafting is "fun" but I know a lot of people don't. To each their own. Maybe you could help them for a while then they'll do what you want to do.

Jul 09, 2010
I would like this game to offer an easier crafting path. I would also like to see some more tangible benefits for making the effort!.

As it exists the crafting would better be titled Scavenger hunt extensive commitments in time, frustrating battles and on task completion as the award.

While just trying to get enough items to craft the second task I got caught in a battle where simply because the wrong cards showed up I could not defend, attack, or regain health. The opponents would othewise be easy to kill. So now I feel I have wasted an hour of game play getting angry enough to quit or at least not continue subscribing. Similar situations led me to quit Everquest!