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Is it just me or does it take three times

Aug 21, 2009
longer to do the DS crafting quests than it is to take a character from level one to grandmaster. If I wanted to I could go from level one to level 50 in around two weeks time of constant play, in comparison if I wanted to I could do the DS crafting quests in six weeks time of constant play while doing absolutely nothing else. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that Wizard101 players are intended to spend most of their game time chasing around black lotus flowers in the same exact location day in and day out, and are only supposed to do anything other than that a mere one quarter of the time spent in the game (and this is excluding all the crafting quests before DS, which can also take awhile).

May 27, 2009
It's just you ... lol - seriously, I couldn't spend all my time questing, I get burnt out. It takes me about a month to finish each world. It only took me a couple of weeks to finish the DS crafting quests, and I've done it for four different wizards at various times.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are born to craft and don't mind the reagent hunting, others LOVE PvP, which I tried a couple of times and don't care for.

Ain't it a wonderful game?

Feb 14, 2009
if you payed attention you have to do this 4 times or so lol. Not inculding if you need them for something nice you want. KI should switch the pearls in ds requirement with laval lillies or something