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impossible to craft with all your wizards?

Dec 10, 2009
just to share how i try to proportion time for crafting

I have 2 accounts, the oldest starts 3rd year soon. when craftting first started it was much more difficult then it is now, more items were needed to be made, etc , at one point i decided to give up, later, my first wizard Keira Life, continued slowly to do them, once we could put things in shared bank I was able to go MUCH faster!! Life is a Grand Master Crafter now
As each of mine finished CL (all were grands before cl came out) i started them to craft and garden, Life transmuted scrap iron for the others over time, now 2 others are up to the DS crafts
Eventually i got several on the other account moving as they finished CL, 3 can start DS crafts, with one doing the transmutes, I want to get one through to Grand so he, like Life, can craft for the others

Too much is needed to complete some crafts-- Life, thanks to help from the others, and many a hour spent in pond getting frost flowers for grendleweed, has completed the Carousel !! she has in past made things for the others and will again

I decided best thing is get one to Grand master, let them make what the othrs need/want, else you will never get them made

Life is waiting for the ingredients to make that crab hut - will go one the beach at the new house in Flaoting lands(fire has it),

with the time i have each session to play , quests or gardening (not all doing that yet), i dont move to fast
So my plan is to get all thru Cl (3 to finish now out of 12), one on the other account ot be made Master then Grand master crafter

Someday IF i play and live so long , LOL, i'll try to finish more, but probably not, i'd rather take those ingredients and make stuff since unlike the days BEFORE crafting, we use to WIN in drops much of our housing things

Hope all you other multi wizard players have found your solution to time

Kira of many legends

May 22, 2009
I have 5 wizards. The first 4 are legendary and 2 have completed the Grandmaster Artisan quest. One completed it before the reagents in shared bank. I have enough reagents in shared bank for the other 2 to get Grandmaster Artisan, but don't feel the need because I usually just use my first 2 wizards to craft items. Both of them crafted the Level 55 gear from Celestia for the others.

Back before Celestia, I had finished all the quests in the game. For a challenge, I decided to craft every furniture item in game. I started in Wizard City, and have been going down the list of worlds. A few weeks ago i finished all the furniture in DS. Having Earthquake Treasure Cards obtainable by Silver Trumpet Vines did help tremendously.

Some recipes do take a lot of ingredients, but with the ability to put reagents in shared bank has made a lot of the ingredients obtainable.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 60 Life