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Idea to make aquiring rare reagents easier.

Jul 11, 2009
Hello, my alter ego Jeffrey Duskweaver has finished the first Dragonspyre crafting quest after much time spent between using the aution refresh method along with gathering the needed diamonds when time permitted.

I must admit just how tedious this first quest was for me, but on to the point of my post.

While looking at treasure card recipes that I use and i'm sure others prefer as well, such as absorb shield I noticed that they also use diamonds as a reagent. I don't know if the same holds true for Black Pearls or some of the other rare components, further investigating would be needed.

Perhaps if those extremely rare reagents were replaced, or at least shifted to treasure cards that were not in such high demand we could have more of a market flow for them, instead of an almost complete bottleneck causing players to spend what time they have spent chasing that rainbow, and out adventuring to save the Spiral.

This of course would now make the reagent any less rare but it would decrease overlap of an already highly prized reagent.

The Diamond was just one example, and thank you for your time.