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Idea for Crafting Plaques we can hang

Jan 11, 2010
As I was decorating my new GH house I crafted, I was trying to figure out what wall plaques I could hang in my crafting room. Krok plaques? dogs playing poker, ect ? and I wished I had some crafting plaques to hang in there. Maybe the KI graphic artists could design some level craft plaques for us ?? We could craft them oursleves or buy them providing we are at the level we wish to purchase. Something like the Krok plaques that glow, but with master artisan, or adept crafter , ect on them. Or fun craft themed items we could hang in our craft rooms.
Crafting takes time and dedication, and I think we deserve some nice crafting plaques to hang in our craft rooms :)

Thank You :)
Kimberly SpiritBreeze~ Master Artisan

Jun 03, 2009
Congrats on crafting your GH house I had done the same and wished to make wall hangings of our schools but the shields not plaques they are so nice looking when grouped with the other schools if you have multi wizards on your account I have hunted high and low for a balance shield to hang in one of the dens :) nothing they are never on sale in the bazaar either :? Yes I have a balance wizard and that shield is already in use.
can we craft shields soon please prof.?