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I need help understanding crafting spells

May 21, 2017

I would most appreciate if someone could tell me how crafting cards works. Like, what level you need to be, where do you go, who to talk to, etc, is there a quest? Etc.


A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
To craft any spell, you must be a Legendary crafter.

That means, you must quest all the way through Celestia and into the first few quests of Zafaria, then complete the crafting quest for Ghostmane. It will require a lot of aether, fossils and sunstone reagents, for you have to make two Conga drums and use them to make two Spiritcaller drums. (The Conga drum recipe is available in Celestia).

Once you are a Legendary crafter, there are two locations where you can purchase the recipes to craft spells.

The first one is located in Mooshu. You must complete the Shirataki Temple dungeon and battle the final boss in that instance before you will see the spell craft vendor. If you ever want to go back, you'll have to do the whole dungeon again.

The Mooshu vendor's name is Yan Kan Kook

All but one of his spells cost $60,000 gold just to buy the recipe, so have your gold ready before you start the Shirataki Temple dungeon.

The other spell crafting vendor is in Avalon. You must defeat the boss in the Dun Scaith tower in order to find Grady. If you don't have access to Dun Scaith yet, you can port in to friend, but keep in mind YOU must be in the battle to defeat the boss or else Grady will not appear to you.

The Avalon vendor's name is Grady

As with Yan Kan Kook, most of the recipes cost $60,000 gold.

For all the recipes, you'll need a lot of gold to buy some of the reagents, and dedicated gardens to harvest the others. Some, like Turquoise and Amber, are easier to get via boss and dungeon battles.

Alia Misthaven

Apr 19, 2012
That depends on the spell you are wanting to craft. There are spells to purchase in MooShoo and Avalong for example from vendors. They do not include quests specifically for the vendor but you need to be at a certain point before you see the vendor or have access to the areas they are "hidden" in. Each are behind sigils. What spell(s) are you wanting to craft?

Aug 03, 2016
I would search online in each instance.

You need a specific crafting machine.
You need to go buy the crafting recipe for that card from a different NPC each time.

Mar 16, 2012
The specific crafting station you'll need is a Card Crafting Station.