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I need authentic earthquake treasure cards?

Dec 14, 2009
I finally finished all the questing crafts! So I decided to do the Merry
Go Round craft. Collected everything I needed except the treasure cards.
I should have looked more carefully but I honestly didn't think they'd make a craft that only one school could complete. I realized after turning my earthquakes into treasure cards with tough that that wouldn't work.
I need the earthquakes made from the myth tree recipe!
Can anyone help me?
They either need to change that reagent need or allow us to make the cards from other schools.

May 27, 2009
Have you no friends who are Myth? You could create a Myth character and level up enough to make the cards. Check fansites for crafters who are willing to help you out. Those are all good options.

Mar 02, 2010

well if you cant find any myth friends that will help craft them for you, and by the way they also are not easy to make since you need 2 blood moss to make 1 earthquake card.

Bosses in Mooshu drop earthquake cards if you are lucky. Jade oni, death oni, plague oni, Oyotomi drop those cards and other bosses there. Also the raven bosses in ravenscar drop earthquake cards also if you are lucky.

So if you cant find a myth friend who can craft them. Best bet is to farm those bosses. Thats how I got my earthquake cards to make the merry go around.